Wolf & Cubs
Wolf & Cubs: Cast & Crew


The ageing Alpha Bitch. Competitive, aggressive (when necessary), persistent, tenacious, and determined with a strong sense of mission, charisma and charm. At their best, these characteristics allow her to fiercely protect and provide for herself and her family and to be a leader in the workplace and in her community. They also prevent others from taking advantage of her family and friends. Should anyone try, she will find a way to get rid of them. 


Cub 1. Female.


Cub 2. Male.


Cub 3. Male.


Youngest Male, but most more dominant minded. On the outside serious - almost angry - blunt and confident and on the inside caring and empathic. Garm has a tendency to push his self-proclaimed authority and leadership onto the other cubs. Compulsively thinking and re-thinking issues surrounding the family unit Garm’s heart is for the most part in the right place.


Cub 5. Female.


Ookami’s room mate.